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Performance-based Hiring Workshop (Oct 14)

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Performance-based Hiring Is "Diversity Hiring by Design" Workshop

Wednesday, October 14, 2020, 10:00am-11:15am PT/1:00pm-2:15pm ET

By hiring for the anniversary date, rather than the start date, you focus on what matters: performance, ability, team skills, potential and job satisfaction. This is called Win-Win Hiring. It involves a new way of thinking about hiring and it is the foundation for building a more diverse team of remarkable people.

We’ve recently redesigned our four-part Performance-based Hiring workshop for recruiters around this Win-Win Hiring and diversity objective. As part of this redesign effort we’ve created a special hands-on workshop to introduce talent leaders, HR executives and hiring managers to this new model for hiring.

In addition to addressing some of your unique diversity hiring challenges we’ll cover these big issues:

  • Find out how Performance-based Hiring can be the foundation for expanding your diversity hiring efforts and why it’s been endorsed by legal and academic experts.
  • Using our new Recruiter of the Future competency model learn the new skills your recruiters need to perfect in order to source and recruit outstanding diverse talent.

    what you get

  • Using a real job (send us one of yours) we’ll describe how to convert traditional job descriptions into compelling career opportunities.
  • Rethinking the sourcing and recruiting funnel, the critical metrics involved and what’s required to achieve “hiring momentum.” This is how you expand and accelerate your efforts company-wide.
  • We’ll demonstrate the “Most Important Interview Question of All Time” by interviewing everyone on the webcast.

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