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May 17, 2018, 10:00am PST/1:00pm EST


Violate the 80/20 Rule at Your Peril

Too many companies spend too much – almost 80% – of their sourcing and recruiting resources on the least best 20% segment of the total talent market. This is the fundamental reason why companies will never see an improvement in quality of hire. It doesn’t take much insight to recognize that the best people are looking for career moves, not ill-defined lateral transfers. In this powerful webcast Lou Adler will not only prove the 80/20 problem, but also provide a means to reverse the trend and flip the focus to the best 20%.

Some of the big topics covered in this webcast:

    1. Introduction to The Hiring Machine.
    2. How to predict quality of hire long before the hire.
    3. Master Recruiter Competency Model revealed and reviewed. Find out where you rank.
    4. Why the “80/20 Talent Rule” must become your company’s talent strategy.
    5. Three “must do” techniques to attract and hire the best passive candidates.

80 20 Talent Rule

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