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Five Things Recruiters Do Better Than AI

July 18, 2018, 10:00am PST/1:00pm EST


5 Things AI Will Never Be Able to Do Better Than a Professional Recruiter w

At the heart of AI revolution is the assumption that all the information you need on any given candidate is out there on the Internet– big data. AI requires a lot of data for machine learning to intelligently learn from its mistakes.  But the data isn’t always there.  Some of the best talent isn’t updating Facebook everyday – or ever.  They don’t update their LinkedIn profiles and some of the really, really good talent doesn’t want a completely searchable profile – for privacy reasons. One critical missing link is performance data which must be the final arbiter of any successful hire.

Measuring Quality of Hire requires judgement and AI just isn’t there yet.  In this webinar we’ll talk about the 5 things AI will Never be able to do better than a professional recruiter.

No AI is ever going to convince a reluctant candidate to take a chance on a new company or opportunity.  No AI is going to match a candidate’s motivation (not credentials) to a do specific job (A least not in the short term).  No AI is going to take a candidate not looking for a job and send a message so compelling that a fully employed super star will pick up the phone and call the recruiter back, fill out the application and engage the candidate in a career discussion.  And no Chatbot is ever going to engage super passive candidates asking the relatively lame questions that most Chatbots are asking today.  “I,e, how many years of experience do you have in ___________?”

It takes true intelligence to translate jobs into true opportunities.  And while AI is starting to match backgrounds to jobs – most often using rudimentary skills matching which is the least correlated factor to actual on the job performance.  True AI is not about skill matching -- It’s potentially so much more.  Until we rethink the fundamentals, we’ll never get to an AI platform that truly revolutionizes hiring.

See you there.

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