Implement a "Small Batch, High Touch" Recruiting Model - Webinar

Implement a "Small Batch, High Touch" Recruiting Model to Raise Quality of Hire

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Greenhouse: The ATS that changes how recruiters recruit top talent.


Webinar Date/Time:
April 4, 2017, 10:00am PDT/1:00pm EDT

According to Lou Adler you don’t need lots of candidates to make a great hire. Lou contends that as long as you have a great job, a fully-engaged hiring manager and a strong recruiter and sourcer you’re in the game.

In this special webcast Lou will describe how he partnered with Greenhouse, a software company that optimizes your entire recruiting process to make great recruiting improvements to OpenSesame, an e-learning marketing platform. He'll explain how he identified a small group of pre-selected target prospects, how he got their attention and how he got them interested in their open opportunity.

Here are some of the big topics to be covered:

  1. The three essential components of a great job: What the person will be doing, an EVP and a job brand.
  2. Why you must never ever publish an internal job description again.
  3. How to identify 15-20 hot prospects and get 50% to contact you.
  4. Why you must implement a 40-40-20 sourcing plan. This consists of 40% networking, 40% direct sourcing and 20% compelling job postings.

As you’ll discover, Lou’s “Small Batch High Batch” recruiting model will reduce time-to-fill by spending more time with fewer people, lower cost per hire and increase Quality of Hire. This is the trifecta you’ve been waiting. Your wait is over.

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