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Webinar - Your Best Candidate...

Your Best Candidate is Less than Three Degrees of Separation Away

Webinar: September 28, 2017, 10:00am Pacific/1:00pm Eastern

Your strongest candidates can all be found in three days

convert strangersLong before Kevin Bacon, some brilliant math folks discovered that in a structured social network like LinkedIn, you were only three degrees of separation away from anyone. At the webcast, Bryan will show you how to find these people for any job.

Send us one or two of your current hiring challenges and Bryan will show you how he built a 3-degree network to find them. Even more important, Bryan will prove that by using advanced networking, rather than advanced Boolean, you’ll be able to not only improve quality of hire, but also time to fill and cost per hire. Here are some of the big topics Bryan will cover:

  1. Referrals are “Recruiter’s Gold” and how to pan for it.
  2. Unlock your weak connections and turn strangers into acquaintances.
  3. How to overcome the biggest recruiter rookie mistake of them all: Filtering candidates on compensation in order to not “waste time.” Bryan will prove that this is the biggest time waster of them all!
  4. The most important piece of recruiter technology you’ll ever need.


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