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This area of our website provides many samples, tools, and resources for implementing Performance-based Hiring including articles, books, video access, white papers, and other key resources for hiring success.

  • Competency Model Sample - Find out how good a passive candidate recruiter you are
  • Quality of Hire ROI Calculator - Determine the ROI of Hiring the A-team
  • Quality of Hire Scorecard Sample- Here's a sample of how to measure quality of hire before the hire
  • Performance-based Hiring Structured 2-Way Interview PowerPoint Template - Use this tool to measure accomplishments during the interview
  • Hiring Manager's Troubleshooting Guide - Getting the Hiring Manager on Board
  • The essential guide for hiring and getting hired - book by Lou AdlerIdeal Candidate Persona - Use this to find your ideal candidate
  • Performance-based Hiring Legal Compliance Research Paper - Best labor lawyer in U.S. validates Performance-based Hiring
  • Lou Adler's Book, The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired
  • Complete this form to download tools from The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired and Hire With Your Head.
  • Articles - View Lou's article library of recent posts
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