Michelle Bell

Michelle Bell – Information Manager/Consultant

michelle bell

Michelle Bell is the Information Manager for The Adler Group. She is also the President of VirtualWorkWife.com where she utilizes her experience and knowledge of marketing, technology, training, and communication to help small and start-up businesses achieve their growth goals.

Prior to becoming a Virtual Outsourcing Specialist, Michelle worked in the construction, utility, internet technology and customer service industries. Her time spent with both large and small companies has provided her with valuable skills and an understanding of what it takes to support a start-up or small business.

  • She is a certified Microsoft Office User Specialist – Trainer
  • Produces / manages several weekly newsletter, social media and marketing campaigns
  • Michelle has developed and implemented several complex CRM and LMS sites
  • She has extensive document retention and content management skills
  • She has authored many training manuals for leader led and internet delivered training courses

During her 20+ years in the workforce, Michelle has earned certificates in more than 15 computer related programs and administrative procedures.  She has also served as President of a nonprofit corporation designed to help low income families achieve home ownership.